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      自考在線學習 +問答


        第一部分:閱讀判斷 (第1~10題,每題1分,共10分)

        why Dog Bury Their Favorite Bones

        1. Dogs bury their favorite bones or chew toys by nature.

        A.第一段 reason-in a nature

        2. Dogs started to bury their bones when they become pets.

        B. before becoming pets

        3. Dogs in the wild occasionally had enough food.

        B. scarce 稀少的

        4. Dogs would bury they extra food for their "babies".


        5. Animals would start a fierce fight over food in ancient time.


        6. Some dogs tend to store up more than one bone at the same time.


        7. The backyard of a dog owner may be full of holes dug by his dog.


        8. Dogs often bury their bones far from trees.

        B. often near trees

        9. Dogs use their paws to find spots for burying bones.


        10. Dogs bury more bones than chew toys.



        11. A recent survey finds that 25% of Internet users use public WIFI to

        12. A. do banking

        12. The phrase take advantage of can best to be replaced by

        B. benefit from.

        13. According to Shadel, any hacker can

        C. steal people's information.

        14. For safety, Internet users are advised to

        D. avoid shared Internet access.

        15. Shadel uses public WIFI to

        B. deal with his emails.

        第三部分:概括段落大意和補全句子 (第16~25題,每題1分,共10分)

        16. F I visit websites to get information

        17.D.I communicate with others online.

        18. AI do some morning exercise.

        19. C. I prepare kids for school.

        20. B.I phone my parents or sisters.

        21. Nuzzel helps me

        F. to surf the Internet efficiently

        22. On twitter I am able

        A. to listen to others

        23. There are several factors that

        D. affect my workout routine

        24. Before my kids go to school, I

        C kiss them goodbye.

        25.I call my parents

        E. to learn how they going


        26.D 27.A 28.F 29.E 30.C


        Successful People

        There are several key abilities that allow successful people to fail forward instead of taking each set back personally.First, successful people don't blame themselves when they fail. They take responsibility for each set back but they don't take the failure personally. Second. successful people don't define themselves by individual failures. They recognize that each setback is a small part of the whole. Third, achievers are willing to vary their approaches to problems.That's important in every walk of life. If one approach doesn't work for you, if it brings repeated failure,then try something else. To fail forward, you must do what works for you, not necessarily what works for other people. Finally. successful people are tough. They don't let one error keep them down. They learn from their mistakes and move on.


        Achieving Success in a Presentation

        What can they get from spending (spend) time listening to your presentation? Many people think that they need to be brilliant to present well. They think they need to be smart, witty, and charming (charm)before they start to write a speech. Those qualities can come naturally (natural), but most often, they come as the result of the passion and knowledge of the speaker (speak). One of the vital factors in having an effective (effect) presentation is serving the needs of your audience. Caring for your audience's needs requires (require) no perfection. You can make mistakes (mistake) and it's going to be 0K. The equipment (equip) can fail and it's still going to be OK. You don't have to use humor to be a winner (win) with that in mind, the real point is more like being successful at reaching (reach) your audience.


        假設你找到了一份很滿意的工作。請給你的美國朋友Tom 寫一封英文郵件,分享你的喜悅,內容要點包括:



        (3)請以LiKe 署名。

        Dear Tom,

        I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to share some exciting news with you. I recently found a job that I'm really happy about and wanted to tell you all about it.

        I like to be a teacher. Three reasons have led me to choose this job. First, teaching is learning. To make my lectures more helpful and interesting, I have to read more books, learn new knowledge and gain a better understanding of the world, which is the very thing I enjoy in my life. Second, teaching means freedom and independence. As a teacher, I’ m free to use my own ideas and make my own decisions. Finally, I like

        teaching because it offers certain peace of mind.

        All in all, the reasons above make me like teaching best.

        Anyway, I just wanted to share my good news with you. Hope you're doing well!

        Your sincerely,

        Li Ke


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